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Product Management
-          Product design support:  Consumer behaviour changes every year and for some industries even every season (like textiles and clothing). For example, producers must start product development at least a year in advance for each season. This module will give you the guidelines for a successful design tackling variables such as season, geographic area (markets in the US mid West are different from New England States) as well as market segment.
-          Quality requirements: This section will focus on giving suggestions on quality such as materials and product finishing according to North American standards. We will give you guidelines on quality controls according to your market target.
-          Labelling: There are several special requirements for labelling products such as textiles to meet the regulations required for Canadian and US markets. This section explains step by step the information and guidelines that must be followed.
-           Pricing on foreign markets: According to the region, the target segment and the type of product, there are several price levels for finished products that can be charged to the final customer.
-          Cost estimation: When exporting to the U.S. or Canada, producers face several hidden costs and extra charges that most likely were not included on the initial budget. These costs depend on several factors and may turn profits into loses if they are not properly estimated. This section shows you what kind of costs the producer will face when exporting textile products to the U.S. and Canada.
Product Management
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