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Strategic Planning


-          Market segmentation (identification): Customers vary by country (U.S. and Canada), state, province and city. There are several criteria for segmentation, such as geographic, socio-demographic, habits, purchasing habits, seasonality, etc. This section is intended to help you find the best target segment for your products.
-          Private label vs. own brand: Large retailers not only sell products of different brands, normally they have their own brand. This section is intended to help analyse the pros and cons to sell your products with your own brand and in a generic way. This section also explains you how you as exporter can negotiate with large retailers and which ones are best for selling your finished products.
-          Building brand recognition: Branding is very important, because it can be the differentiator between several similar products. However, building brand recognition can be very costly and hard to achieve. This section helps you develop strategies to build brand recognition in your target segment only in a efficient way.
-          Market recommendations: Sometimes customers are very demanding and they have different purchasing habits according to the city the live. There are also advertising channels that are more important than others when reaching the target segment. This section is intended to help you view the entire panorama when entering to certain market in North America.
-          Business plan: You as exporter must have a business plan to develop your company. The business plan includes sales, costs, cash flow, working capital and profits projections. It also contains your marketing plan, which includes your target, advertising, promotion, distribution channels, and price estimations. It is very important for you to have your business projections because it helps you to foresee potential problems and opportunities. This section is intended to help you develop your entire business plan.
-          Break Even Analysis: How many units you must sell to cover all your variable and fixed costs? Break even analysis is the answer. We will develop for you customized numeric business models to determine your break even points, in terms of units, money, or even time. Break even analysis is crucial when making decisions to enter a new market, region, city or segment.
-          Scenario Planning: To reduce risk, scenario planning is a powerful tool to forecast different states of the economy, customers’ behaviour, prices, level of competition, regulations and any important variable that can affect your business. Building scenarios will allow you to project what is going to happen with your business in different values of the variables mentioned before. This section will help you build your scenario planning so you can change any variable at any time and see the probable outcome.


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