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-          Design of logistics network: The logistics network is extremely important to succeed when selling textile products to the U.S. and Canadian markets. There are several alternatives for the distribution and transportation of finished products to the final client. Each presents plenty of choices that have to be carefully analysed with the aim of finding the most cost efficient solution. This section is designed to help you develop the most efficient way to reach your customer in the vast territory of North America.
-          Import of commercial products: When a producer wants to import textile products into the U.S. or Canada, he must fulfill all the requirements with the proper paper work to avoid any problems with customs agents. This section provides the guidelines to deal with customs paperwork, requirements and documents for exporters such as invoices, import permits, certificates of origin, duty referral programs and international agreements.  In addition, we will prepare you for all the potential problems that you could face when importing products to the U.S. and Canada.
-         Legal requirements: this section includes information about all the necessary paper work and procedures for importing in to North America.
-          Distribution (from factory to retailers): Once the finished products are finally imported to the U.S. or Canada, it is necessary to develop another distribution network to reach the final customer. Products will enter North America through one single border, but they must be distributed to several cities and different final customers. This section suggests you efficient ways to reach any geographic area in the United States or Canada.
-          Warehousing and pick and pack from centralized warehouses: Different customers may require different delivery time frames and you might also have different production cycles which will result in the need of a warehouse that can handle all your basic or even complex requirements.  This section helps you finding the best warehousing and pick and pack solutions that will surely save you a lot of resources.


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