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Why us?


-          We have imported from Canada and the United States from small, medium and the largest producers of alpaca in Peru and Bolivia for 10 years.

-          Our diversified team is very well educated as well as multilingual, we have engineers, economists and MBAs all of them with advanced degrees.

-          We focus on results, generate sales and help the producers to have a sustainable long term business model.

-          We want exporters from South America to succeed; we know and proved that it is possible.

-          The majority of other programs already implemented have failed and proved not to be useful to generate sales (the final goal is to generate profits)

-          We will transfer all our knowledge of the market and product design and not just focus on paperwork and regulations (all of this is important but could be done after we have a customer to ship to)

-          Trained groups of artisans and small organizations for more than 8 years.

-          We know well the cultures of developing countries as well as their ways of conducting business.

HomeServicesOur teamExperienceWhy us?News and EventsContact Us